Digital Business Solutions Advisor


02 9126 3348

Milind is a software professional and start-up entrepreneur who’s worked in IT for almost two decades. As the Director of Samartha Information Systems, he provides various businesses with strategic technological solutions to boost their growth potential.

He has cultivated strong business and relationship building skills through his former roles in multiple fields. His specialty is helping to create innovative strategies for using digital platforms for business development.

Main Area’s covered:

Southwest Sydney, Western Sydney

What qualifications and business experience do you have?
Master’s degree in Computer Management, Certified Information system Auditor, Project Management ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 consultant. Worked on the Board of for-profit, social enterprise and not for profit organisations. I am running my software consulting business.


What do you find most rewarding when helping small businesses?
Helping small business owners get back the time by using automation and processes and seeing the excitement and smile on their faces when they realise how much work can be automated in the organisation.