Digital Business Solutions Advisor

Babette is an Expert for Cyber Risk Management and Insurance and she’s passionate about helping businesses and organisations of all sizes to protect their data and ultimately their reputation.

A former CEO of a trade credit insurer, Babette started her own specialist broking business DAS INSURE in 2014. Babette is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and strives to provide holistic advice around cyber safety and cash flow protection.
DAS INSURE has been supporting BEC Australia in Cyber Security Matters and webinars over many years.

No matter where you are on your cyber risk journey, Babette is ready to assist with your Cyber Safety Plan, Data Protection Strategy or Annual Staff Awareness training.
She believes Cybersecurity is a team sport and invites you to ask any question on how to strengthen your Cyber risk resilience by simply calling her company’s hotline ‘1300CYBER4 You’ – 1300 292 374.

When Babette is not talking about all matter’s cyber safety or why ‘a sale is only a sale when you get paid’, she enjoys quality time with her husband, her son, and her German Shepard. She is a passionate advocate for a loving and safe upbringing of children and her family has been engaged as a Foster family to many children.