DIY Design Basics for Small Businesses

Saturday, Oct 17, 2020

10:30am – 12:30pm

In this new era of working in a small business, design is an important reflection on your brand. It’s so important to work with professional designers and yet sometimes the budget doesn’t always stretch that far. If you have a lot of graphics required in your business, this workshop will take you through some design basics of Canva – not just to show you how to use this great tool, but also tips on how to make it continue to look a professional standard and reflective of your brand.

Audience target: Ideal for start-ups, small businesses. Ideal also for staff of a business who want to develop in house and not pay high designing prices

Presenter: Andrea Turner-Boys started her business, she quickly realises that design and artwork were going to feature heavily. At the time her business could not afford to pay a designer so frequently, no was she is a position to hire a full-time designer. To combat this – Andrea embarked on learning how to do it herself, and then raised the standards so that it was as professional as a designer.

Today we are all doing it ourselves with great tools and apps BUT beware the ‘home made design that does not look professional. Andrea will share her basic tips so that you can rock professional on brand looks for your graphics flyers and advertisements

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