Social Media for Business Webinar – Instagram for Business

Thursday, Jan 3, 2019

9:30am – 10:30am

A Digital Business Solutions Webinar for Business

With Melinda Shobrook of Cybertribal.

Instagram can be a great way for you to reach more customers and to build quality relationships with them. In this webinar you will learn practical ways to grow and sustain an organic and engaged Instagram audience, including:

  • Photo & Video Essentials

  • Using Hashtags to Find & Attract Your Ideal Audience

What you’ll need

A laptop or notebook is preferable, a tablet or smartphone will do fine.

Presenter: Melinda Shobrook

Melinda is a social media specialist with a passion for fostering loyal online followings. Her team of specialists works with businesses, individuals, and not-for-profit organisations to help establish and maintain a dynamic social media presence, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

She understands different audience needs and creates momentum, building engaged followings both on- and off-line. In 2015, Melinda started a Facebook group, ‘Indigenous Rise’, to honour First Nation’s People around the world. Today the group has 6 admins, over 3,500 members, 5+ daily requests to join, and will soon establish its own website – all organically, with no advertising!

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