Start Me Up – Springwood

Tuesday, Jul 2, 2019 – Tuesday, Aug 20, 2019

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Start Me Up Intensive Program:

Join us for an 8-part series of workshops, where expert facilitators, experienced entrepreneurs and educators will help you with everything you need for your new business to succeed.

We understand the passionate ideas you want to bring to life, we understand your desire to give it a go on your own. We also understand the procrastination, fear and sometimes comes with overwhelm. when you’re either thinking about starting or you have just started.

Our expert entrepreneurs and educators, want you to benefit from the lessons they have learnt. To arm your tool kit with vital strategies and knowledge. You will use this time to get advice, work on your business and get you ahead of the game.

Don’t become another statistic or failed business. Set aside one night per week for 8 weeks and save you time and money and move yourself into a winning position for your business success.

Who are our facilitators?

Successful experienced small business owners and trainers in business diploma. A great mix on practical experiencing who know their stuff and want to save you from costly mistakes.

The 8 sessions details are here:

Session One

Why am I getting out of bed to do this business?

In this session we will cover:

• Business Planning

• Knowing Your Why

• Vision

• Mission

• Values

Session Two

How to handle your money and make sure your profit.

In this session we will cover:
Managing your cashflow
Know how to set up your accounts
Basic Profit & Loss
Setting up terms to get paid
Record Keeping
Easy GST

Session Three

All About Your Customers

In this session we will cover:
Acquiring Customers( Lead generation)
Understanding Customer personalities, buying journey + cycle
Retaining & Nurturing Customers
Database Management
Meeting deadlines, Managing Client expectations
Customer Service

Session Four

Working Strategically. Systems. Processes. Time Management.

In this session we will cover:
Setting yourself up for success
Creating Action Plans
Time Management
Fitting in a life around your business
Systems and Tracking Your progress
Software, Apps, and tips for managing time and projects

Session Five

All About Mindset, Energy and Beliefs

In this session we will cover:
Addressing Fear and Self Doubt
Understanding your subconscious beliefs around money and success
Managing you energy and output
Knowing when your in ‘flow’ rather than struggle
How to Trust your Instincts in Business

Session Six

The Vital Prep Before You Start Your Marketing:

In this session we will cover:
Is there a market for your offering?
Market Research + Beta Testing
Developing Your Customer Avatar
Price + Positioning
Your Brand is not your business card – The importance of brand and what it involves
Putting together a marketing plan

Session Seven

Get Your Legals Right

In this session we will cover:
The right business structure
Terms and conditions
Privacy Policies
Being compliant for privacy, data collection

Session Eight

Start your marketing + Putting your marketing strategy together for social media

In this session we will cover:
Social Media Strategies overview
Content Marketing, Blogging
Audience Engagement, Planning topics and keywords
Measuring and Managing you marketing
Website Planning

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Event Location

New Indy Mountains Co-working Space, Above Bakers Delight, 206 Macquarie Street (opposite the railway station)
Springwood, 2777

Event Fees

AUD 420.00