Article by Nathan Todd, ASBAS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre


Increasing Social Media


Are you always questioning yourself when creating a post for your socials? Are you thinking, how do I increase the likes on my page? Or is this post really going to get my audience engaging? Chances are you are not the only one thinking this. Increasing your audience and getting them to engage with your content is the main struggle facing businesses with Facebook/Instagram pages. With that in mind, I have created a small list of ways to increase the awareness of your socials and get people engaging with your content. Because without engagement you may just be wasting your time.


You’re the educator- If you have a brand that you’re not quite sure how to market because there is, for example, science behind it, then be the educator to your audience! You’re trying to solve a problem for them, how can your product solve it? Pretend the person reading your post doesn’t know anything about it, break your product down into parts and these will be separate posts.


Call to action (CTA)- One way to get people engaging with your content is to include a CTA in your post or stories. This may be something as simple as a poll, giving one of your products a rating, or asking your audience to pick which one of your products they like this most. Use these features to gain knowledge from your audience about what they want to see more of.


Make posts visual- With everything you do make sure that a photo/video accompanies it. This is used to make your content stand out from your competition. Social media is very visual so no matter what post you’re doing, there must be a photo/video to go with it.


Competitions- Running something as simple as a product giveaway is the best and easiest way to gain more page likes. You want to be doing something for the people who are following what you do, if they like your page they like your product. If you run monthly giveaways word will spread to their friends also. Before you do this however, make sure that you have plenty of content already on your page so that new followers are gaining further insight into your brand.