Article by Nathan Todd, ASBAS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre


Managing your Social Media


There is no doubting that managing numerous social media accounts/platforms can be a hard task in your business, but are you using the right social media platform for your business? It is very important to spend your time on dollar productive hours, and by focusing on the wrong platform you could be literally throwing money away. I have compiled some stats on the most popular social media platforms to help you on your way.


Facebook continues to lead the way with a total of around 60% of the country’s population an active user, and 50% logging onto Facebook at least once a day. Following the change in Facebook’s algorithms, it has become much harder for a single post to be viewed by a great population. Remember you must create content for potential clients to engage with, images and videos have become so important for client engagement- get creative!


One of the largest improvements in 2018 was the growth of marketing on Instagram. Figures are showing that it’s current growth with users is close to 5% per quarter after hitting over 1 billion active users around mid 2018. Instagram is fast becoming a key business platform for social media marketing, and given the platform’s creative focus, images, videos and (depending on your business) influencer collaboration has also become an increasingly important element.


Twitter remains great for instant news and commentary but users’ numbers in Australia is still inferior to that of Facebook and Instagram. If you are looking for business to business contact, then you can’t go past LinkedIn.


An important note is to make sure you are creating content for your employees to also share. This will help your posts/content gain an organic reach and increase the engagement which will in-turn make your advertisements perform better.


There are many social media platforms to advertise on and not all will benefit the industry you are in. Although managing many social media accounts on different platforms can be a hard task, there are also sites that can make this much simpler such as Hootsuite and Buffer. If you are having trouble finding the right platform for your business or need advice on setting up a digital marketing plan, please don’t hesitate to get in touch because we would love to help you out.