For this month’s Business in Focus, we will be interviewing David Marcer from Fitness 4 Golfers. David is a specialist fitness coach for golfers who not only helps with golfer’s fitness needs but also helps get golfers get back on the course after injury, surgery or who suffer from ongoing pain both during and after their round of golf.

David specialises in helping golfers with their balance, mobility, strength, speed, and power, he can help players of all ages, genders, and handicaps.

David’s mission is to help as many golfers as possible make the most out of their game, whether it be hitting the ball longer, feeling stronger, combating the dreaded back nine physical or mental fatigue or just making it around the course pain free.

Founder David Marcer was asked about the services he received from the Western Sydney Business Centre below.

Who is your advisor?

Graham Fitzpatrick

How long have you been receiving business advice from the WSBC?

6 weeks

What was the main struggle you identified within your business?

Direction, solidifying my unique offer, getting my business in from of the right people

What were things you implemented that had a big impact on your business moving forward?

Taking responsibility for getting the job done, following the advice given step by step, networking and just do it rather than thinking about it.

What advice would you give to other small businesses in the same situation?

Put procrastination aside, network, connect, trust in yourself, be consistent and be generous

What are your business goals for the future?

To be an authority in my region for golf fitness and injury recovery

Final words:

As a sole trader I struggled with the thought of having to think of and do everything myself, finding graham has been an absolute win for me, Graham has helped me put the processes in place that spell success, connected me with the appropriate people, he is realistic in his advice, he keeps me accountable in a really nice way (I was a little afraid of this at first, but now it’s a must) and the best thing is he genuinely wants the best for me and my business.

Getting business advice from Western Sydney Business Centre has been one of the best things I have ever done for my business and if I keep following the advice given, my goal will be surely achieved!