Article Written by Katina Jaye Beveridge, ASBAS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

Our business in focus this month is Wendy. Wendy is known as Soul Whisper Wendy. With many of her unique services which include Medical Intuition Readings, Astrology Readings, is a Physic Medium and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Teacher. Wendy helps her clients find the best self they can be by returning to wellness. She assists her clients by face-to-face sessions, online private sessions or in group workshops. Over the years she has also been engaged in many public speaking events and held many educational presentations.

Who is your advisor?

I have been seeing Katina for Digital Marketing advice and Graham for Business Coaching.

How long have you been receiving business advice from the WSBC?

I have been using the services of the Western Sydney Business Centre for the last three years.

What was the main struggle you identified within your business?

I did not know Digital/Facebook/Instagram etc. at all which I learnt from Katina with the ASBAS program. I also learnt from Graham through the Business Connect program how to set up my business in the correct manner. 

What were things you implemented that had a big impact on your business moving forward?

Learning Facebook. I embraced Zoom/online work last year! Business Planning with Graham. Background paperwork and just building my confidence. 

What advice would you give to other small businesses in the same situation?

I have recommended that they call and book in with the Western Sydney Business Centre.

What are your business goals for the future?

To be financially independent again. I am now working overseas and all over Australia. To have more Public Speaking engagements, both face to face and online.

Any Final words:

I can only encourage others to take the leap and start! Do not let not knowing something stand in your way. Listen to guidance given by people like Katina and Graham. Jump!!!