Article by Nathan Todd, ASBAS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

Gaining an Audience

Are you having trouble getting interaction from your audience? Do you want to be able to achieve user generated content (UGC)? One of the main struggles for business owners is keeping up with their social media platforms, but what if your audience was doing some of the marketing for you? If your audience is liking, commenting or even sharing your content on social media it will create/establish your online brand as well as be seen more. One thing you must think about is why people would ‘click’ on your content or even buy a product from you. If you cannot answer that question, how can your customer?

Make an effort to be authentic- One of the main reasons why your audience may not be interacting with your posts could be because they are not relating to the content that you are producing. Without making an effort to be creative you are minimising your opportunity to be seen as you will find yourself as ‘just another post’ on social media. The use of effective videos/images is your way of gaining attention from your audience.

Reward top contributors/clients- This can be something very beneficial. This involves analysing your posts/sales to see who gives you the most engagement or who is a regular purchaser of your products. If they give you a review online, you could offer them a percentage off their next order- reviews must be encouraged as it gains brand reputation online. You need to make your brand enthusiasts feel special, give them an offer or early access to a product you are launching. If your client has a big following on social media, could you be collaborating with them? Think outside the box.

Expanding your audience- Have you done hashtag research? Have you thought about how customers can find you organically? This has become a pivotal part of posting on social media, and without the right hashtags you could potentially be missing out on clients. To gain insight into what hashtags work, research your competitors with a good following because the chances are that they know what hashtags work.