Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

In my last commentary I mentioned three things that are important to proper commercial communication – read, hear, and listen.

Keeping these in mind, consider from whom we take advice and to whom we listen. As we grow as human beings and business-people we want to look listen and learn from people who are experts in their field, an effective way to learn things other than by direct experience.

However, we need to pick our mentors and in times of social media, we have a tendency take “advice” and input from all and sundry. There is an opinion and an advice out there to suit everybody’s bias/opinion and unfortunately, we tend to latch onto them as immutable truth written in stone, especially the ones who are most strident.

Before you assign any value to the opinion/advice you see being pushed as a fact and seen to be popular, check a few things as you would a used car in the sales yard. The internet is a wealth of information (both accurate and manufactured) where you can get at least two or three independent opinions on the subject you are following in social media. Compare the other opinions/facts against that which you are about to take on social media. I make the purveyor of the opinion prove their facts before I treat them as an expert on the subject. Ask them to provide verifiable facts (another person on social media is not good enough), show you where they found this fact, check out their quoted source to see if they are accurate, etc.

However, if you want expert input, go to the Business Connect website, look for the Western Sydney Business Centre advisors and book one of them or call on 02 4721 5011. I provide advice to NDIS providers, Bob Green.