Last year I turned 50.

One of the things on turning 50 I noticed immediately was the number of tests my GP recommended me to do. In my younger days, my GP would tell me to exercise or take some vitamins if I ever mentioned any issues. However, once I have reached that age ceiling of 50, it seems like my body needs some major transformational work just to survive.

Honestly, it made me feel old and I don’t like it. However, my GP told me If I started to look after myself now, it would ensure the quality of life to come.

Many of us are like me – we tend to think we are indestructible or ignore the warning signs until it is too late. Sometimes even if there is a sign of trouble, we are not sure what the cause is.

When we first started the business, there were many issues that we tended to rush over because we just wanted to sell our service and product; and once we were in the business a few years down the track, we were too busy to resolve the issue because of lack of time.

As a result, we might or might not know the cause until it is too late.

Doing a business health check can help you identify the issues you might not be aware of; or opportunities you did not see. We go through a series of questions, in all areas of your business and provide you with advice on what to do.

Just like your health, once we can identify the cause, then we can find the solutions.

Many business owners who have done the business health check find it beneficial. For the first time, they can sit down, step out, look at their business from a third-party point of view, and work out solutions and plans.

As we approach towards the middle of 2024, maybe now is a good time for you to book and do a business health check session.

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