Article by Robert Green, NDIS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

This week I would like to address two topics, both of which deal with stresses the NDIS provider and their staff can confront from time to time.

The first is handling complaints from customers. Complaints can come from many different sources ranging from the participant themselves through to their carer, family, friends and other providers. Your first reaction might be quite defensive which degenerates rapidly into anger, embarrassment or dismissiveness.

However, NDIS requires you to treat every complaint as a serious compliant and deal with it accordingly. It is not enough for you to have a nice set of policies and procedures; you need to make them a reality in your business. Western Sydney Business Centre (WSBC) has developed a fantastic workshop on dealing with complaints for large providers (we come to you) with many staff or a group of small providers (in our training rooms). Call Bob Green on 0490 251 615 to arrange to join a workshop.

The second topic is that of mental health. The stresses of dealing with people in emotionally intensive situations can put a strain on the emotional and mental wellbeing of staff and management. All people involved in the highly intensive service of providing support to persons with a disability will be subject to emotional/mental stress from time to time. 

The question is, would you recognize these things in those with whom you work or you supervisors and employers? We, as humans, have become expert in covering these things up. 

Western Sydney Business Centre is offering a free 2 hour workshop to help you understand Mental Health Issues in the Workplace. Its free, book in on our website Places are limited.

For help with your NDIS challenges, call Bob Green at Western Sydney Business Centre or on 0490 251 615 or email