Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

Ever since time began (is there a song there?) humankind has been making things up to explain the unexplainable.  We moderns who know it all have labelled this as mythology.

But mythology still exists and is being written every day.  If you want to see it in action, just look at the twitterverse and apps of the like. Unfortunately, there are loads of don’t knows who like to form an opinion and foist it on the other don’t knows and setting themselves up as high priest of the new mythology.

What am I rabbiting on about?  What I am saying is that there are persons out there who know absolutely nothing about the subject but like to make it up or jump on a groundswell to lift their social image in the electroverse. And let’s face it, the world is full of potential targets for misinformed social gossip.

As a businessperson, you can’t afford to fall victim to these myths.  You need facts that can give you the real information to run a successful business. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the excuse “a mate told me ”or “such and such a social media site said”. Useful information can be found on social media but check the credentials of the person who is giving the information, avoid the footballers’ wives.

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