Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

Well, most of us are back at work today raring to go, if you have not been excluded because of some COVID event in or near your personal “bubble”.

A couple of things have caught my attention, and they seem to be occurring in epidemic proportions – the inability to take the time to read, take the time to hear, and the use of lazy speech.

I have talked to businesspeople who have expressed their frustration at clients/customers who don’t take the time to read the correspondence they send and continually come back with questions which have already been answered in their communications. I have also talked with customers who are frustrated by the fact that the person with whom they are communicating does not seem to “get it”.

Then there are the staff members who “gabble” at the clients.  They don’t enunciate clearly, they use in-house jargon, or they clip their words either because they assume you’re an expert in the subject or they are just too lazy to speak properly. 

I imagine this is the product of social media activity and schools who are too busy with peripheral “knowledge” and don’t/can’t take the time to get the basics right.

How to be a winner: –

  1. Write clearly, in little info chunks if necessary
  2. Use the “hello, I will, you will, outcome, cost” model to convey information
  3. Avoid jargon and texting/social media lazy English, speak clearly and at a moderate speed.
  4. You and your employees should listen carefully, question to increase understanding and repeat the communication to obtain mutual agreement.

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