Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

By now, everyone I have spoken to are well and truly over the COVID19 issue.  Everyone has an opinion on some aspect of the virus and are making statements about all sorts of things.

The main thing for small business is that you remain focused on surviving and recovering from the crisis.  You couldn’t be in a better state for doing business than NSW.  Most of the statistics regarding job creation, support for small business and cross-border rationalism indicate that we are heading forward rather than sitting around navel gazing. 

Small business can move forward as well.  Obviously, there are rules we each must follow stay safe, but we can restart our businesses within this framework to give us the new foundations we need in a new environment.

We need to build a restart plan which takes into account the things we need to do to keep ourselves and our customers safe, how to reach out to the market in a new way, what changes we need to make to our places of business, what changes do we need to make to our customer interface, and others that are particular to your business.

The lock down has also caused small business to lose contact with their customer base.  Using all the marketing tools available to you is vital.  But they have to be used effectively because the digital channels are full of “static” from suppliers of similar goods and services.

So how do you start to do it?  Well, you have advisors available through the Business Connect program. Go to the Business Connect website, look at the Western Sydney Business Centre advisor bios and book a call back from one of them or call Western Sydney Business Centre direct on 02 4721 5011. I can also help NDIS providers, Bob Green.