Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

In my previous articles I wrote about a strategy for a new way of doing business online. I am going to continue this theme.

By now we will all have discovered that there are certain items we have been buying which are not available anymore.  Ostensibly this has been brought about by the COVID19 crisis. But it goes deeper than this. It is also the result of a global economy that is not producing the promised results (and the goods) as we are all forced to withdraw within our own borders. There are also political tensions impacting on trade which most likely won’t go away too soon.

So, what do we do? We hitch up our socks, become global pioneers and go exploring.  There are more countries out there than just the few we have sourced our goods from previously.  The U.K. has opened up to us again.  They need outlets for their goods and, most likely, they are goods we need.  Other blossoming trading economies are also potential sources for goods. 

More importantly, there are Australian small businesses that are peeking out and waving to us, “look at me”, wanting us to see what they are producing. So, time to adjust our vision. Look within Australia for new and innovative goods which you can on sell to others.

The NSW and Commonwealth Departments of Trade are good people to talk to, it’s their job to help you work your way through the complexities of overseas trade.  Additionally, you have advisors available through the Business Connect program. Go to the Business Connect website, look at the Western Sydney Business Centre advisor bios and book a call back from one of them or call Western Sydney Business Centre direct on 02 4721 5011. I can also help NDIS providers, Bob Green.