Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

We have all seen the many memes circulating about 2020 in Australia.  Some are funny, many are depressing.

The Prime Minister is now encouraging us to come out from under the doona and start getting back to work again. Although Australia has changed since the great depression and two world wars, we still have the guts to do something about difficult situations. And what can be more difficult than this?

Although we feel like a very small cog in some enormous wheel, without that cog, the wheel won’t turn.  The Australian economy is the big wheel and we can do our part to start it turning again, to trample on the after effects of a tiny, spikey little bug and take Australia and our State down a new and exciting road.

You are going to be bewildered, you are going to be frightened, you are going to wonder how to reset your business compass; but this is a natural and not insurmountable reaction to this unique situation.

You are not alone for three big reasons:

  1. You can start to think outside the square, challenge the old ways of doing business and become innovative in the goods and services delivery sphere, with the help of: –
  2. The expertise of our business advisors who have been chosen for their innovative thinking and their experience with managing change, free to you and also:-
  3. Hook into the many things both the NSW State and Commonwealth governments have put in place to help small business cope with this enormous event.

For existing NDIS Providers, I can help you audit your internal processes and give you a document which helps proof of currency when it comes to the next audit as well.

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