Article by Emma Gosper, Digital Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre


Whilst it is important to have a presence on social media, it is also important to ensure you keep your socials appealing and relevant to your audience.


Relevant Content

Treat your socials like a portfolio and a communication platform to engage your audience and keep them updated with the latest and greatest. Create posts that are relevant to your business and don’t just post for the sake of it.


Be Creative

In addition to posting consistently, try using vocabulary, images and video that appeal to your target audience (age, gender etc) to connect with them on their level. If you are photographing your product or service, keep the theme consistent so your fans recognise your posts instantly and visually associate your posts with your business.


Check Messages Regularly

785 million users communicate through Facebook messenger a month, meaning loads of your customers most likely contact you through this feature and other instant messaging options. This means that people will enquire, ask questions and book appointments etc through messages because of the convenience and personal connection. Ensure you respond efficiently to ensure you don’t miss out on their business.


Respond to Positivity and Negativity

Your audience will appreciate responses to positive comments and reviews, allowing them to feel noticed, valued and appreciated, especially if you have a huge following.

Don’t delete negative comments and reviews. Respond to them professionally, be apologetic and offer a solution like a discount or some free coffee cards. Your other followers will appreciate your great customer service and won’t be so quick to judge any negative comments and reviews. Business owners are human, too!


Get Personal

Most of your followers follow your business for a reason. They might be established or intending customers, or just love what you do. Create a personal post occasionally to remind your followers that you are a real person running a business and you’re just like them. It gives them an insight into who you are on a personal level, so they can feel confident in dealing with you on a business level.