Article by Jane Tweedy, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

7 Tips to Planning your Marketing Activities


Welcome back to 2019! Have you started back full of energy and enthusiasm, or have you started back on a slow burn? Regardless, if you have some time, apply these tips to planning ahead your marketing activities.


Tip 1 – plan your marketing

Rather than spray and pray, add some structure. Start with an annual calendar. Mark on the calendar any immovable events – school terms, holidays, days of celebration that could affect your business, including any of your own scheduled holidays. Use any key days like Mother’s Day, to plan marketing events around, including the lead time to deliver them. Work on a content calendar that allows you to be steady with your marketing efforts. Think about incorporating a mix of video, blogging, behind the scenes, memes and quotes, with the occasional product/service sales post.


Tip 2 – branding

Before preparing your content, you need to have your branding sorted. This is represented by your colours, choice of imagery etc, and it reflects what your brand represents and the tone of voice. Consistency is important to stay ‘on brand’. For more information on branding refer our branding blog.

Tip 3 – prepare your content

If you have time on your side, create as much content as you can. Using your brand guidelines or style guide (consider creating this if you don’t have one), prepare social media posts of different types, pre-record some video, write blogs… Ideally these will be on universally appealing topics and remain evergreen (not date or time dependent). Store these in folders so when you get busy, are unwell etc, you have content to call upon without feeling pressured.


Tip 4 – schedule your content

Facebook allows you to schedule posts in advance to your business page, so if using this platform take advantage of the scheduling. You can utilise third party apps to schedule more broadly, but there is possibility the reach of your posts may reduce. Be conscious of events that occur, as a funny meme that referred to a person, who was in an accident between scheduling and posting could look in bad taste. If something topical comes up, don’t be afraid to replace something evergreen with something hyper-relevant.

Tip 5 – blogging made easy

Blogging is great for SEO and showing your expertise by answering burning questions. Most phones allow you to record your voice to text, and this can take away the dreaded writers block most people face.


Tip 6 – consider your offline marketing too

The above points focus on the online components of your marketing, but remember your physical elements too. If you already have networking groups you love, schedule in the year’s worth of meetings and make it a priority to attend. Look for new groups to attend and do likewise with the ones that meet your needs. We have a few blogs on networking including networking part 1.

There are plenty more avenues like school fairs and festivals, and business expos to get you noticed.


Tip 7 – you can’t do it all

There are so many things you can do to market your business – you don’t need to do it all! Pick a few key strategies and focus on executing them well.


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