Article by Jane Tweedy, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

Coming up to Christmas and the holiday season, our thoughts may be turning to the gifts we need to buy for family and friends. For some super organised people, they may have dealt with this months ago! But what about our clients, referral partners and employees? How do we show them gratitude?


It doesn’t have to cost a lot!

If you look back on some of the best gifts you’ve received, chances are some will not be lavish gifts, but rather something that came from the heart, and genuinely made you feel special. Just because we are a small business with a small budget, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bother.


Showing gratitude – good karma?

Regardless of whether or not you believe in or see a positive shift in your karma, displaying gratitude is shown to improve your mood and those of others around you, so it gives a noticeable lift in happiness.


Support local

Before buying something overseas or through a big chain, can you support another small business? They will appreciate it, but also it encourages small businesses to support each other, and keep it local. If you have a great experience, then consider giving a shout out to the business within a local group, or place a review on their social media or other digital presence. If you have a bad experience, say something to management so they can resolve it. Simply put, treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.


Christmas/Seasons Greetings cards

So many people switched from cardboard cards to emails, to nothing in many cases. Therefore you have a massive opportunity to stand out by sending a physical card. You can get cards printed that can be personalised with your business for a fairly minimal cost. If you want to genuinely spend the money helping out a charity instead, then remember to send the email mentioning the donation and consider sending a video e-card for greater impact.


Positive reinforcement

Some people just love to hear positive feedback, and a word of thanks. So even a simple note by email or text, or a call, may be enough for someone to feel special.


Referral or rewards programs

If someone has given you a lot of word of mouth referral work, then decide how you can capitalise on it. Is it worthwhile starting a rewards program?


Need help?

Need help in how to reward your clients, referral partners or employees, feel free to get in touch.  Please make an appointment to see one of our business advisors for up to four hours at no cost with no catches! Book now!