Article by Jane Tweedy, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

Over recent weeks I attended the Annual Business Connect Advisor Conference (with keynotes from Google, Sendle and Michael McQueen), a one day seminar led by Aaron Sansoni (featuring Janine Allis of Boost Juice and Shark Tank), an advisor training session with Darren Wrigley, and a networking event featuring Julia Bickerstaff of the 100 Day Goal. Even my colleagues make comments about the amount of events I attend, but I find I learn something of value every time. Today I’d like to share some common messages from these events.

‘We don’t go online, we live online’ – Google
You just need to look around at a train station, or even more sadly at a restaurant, to know this statement is not far from reality. How many devices do we have chained to us? Can we turn off notifications and be truly present in a situation?

Businesses can no longer afford to stay offline. The number of Australians with smartphones has multiplied – yes even Granny has been caught by the smartphone bug!

Many of the top businesses in the world didn’t exist 20 years ago!
Interestingly some of the largest companies in the world are relatively new, and we couldn’t have imagined their existence a mere two decades ago. Many industries have been disrupted by technology and globalisation – if yours hasn’t, it’s probably on its way! The other interesting feature is the companies often don’t own assets. Facebook as a media company doesn’t create content, Air B’n’B has no rooms, Uber has no cars, and Sendle no drivers. There is some movie style automation not far away which will be another game changer. We need to constantly innovate and be prepared to take risk, and even be a disruptor to stay relevant!

We must take massive, immediate and consistent action
Many people know what they need to do (eat healthy for instance) but don’t do anything to action that. Massive changes are required to shift us to a new state. However, consistent action can also get us over the line, as Julia suggested by breaking down your goal into micro actions (120-150 micro actions), completed over 100 days.

Our purpose and our goals
Without direction and enough of a reason to get there, we are likely to put up our own mental barriers.

You need to learn, but most importantly you need to implement learnings. It is no longer possible to continue doing things because we’ve always done it that way!

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