Article by Robert Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre


Introducing the NDIS


One of the things I do at Western Sydney Business Centre is to work with small businesses who wish to become a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provider.
The NSW Government considers the NDIS to be a very important component of looking after the health and welfare of all citizens of this state that they provide funding for the Business Connect program to assist businesses who wish to become providers of services to the disabled.


So, where did NDIS spring from? For years persons with certain disabilities were not treated well and were subjected to systems that made them feel disrespected and isolated from society. As times have advanced many people have been working to give them the dignity that is their right. We all have basic rights and responsibilities to ourselves, our families and the wider community and NDIS reflects this.


The authors of the NDIS brought together the sentiments of the United Nations Rights of the Child and a number of Australian Acts of Parliament dealing with human rights to focus on a solution to give persons with a disability the support and dignity that is their due along with finances to help them achieve a better life. The government/s of the time realized that to do this it would cost money so each of them contributed their individual disability funds and grants to a pool from which persons with a disability could be supported.


The goal is to provide supports to assist a person with a disability to become more engaged in the community at their level of ability. Understanding this makes it easier for intending providers to come to terms with the things put in place to ensure the quality of assistance given is done so in the best possible way and with the best result.