Article by Robert Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


There are lots of myths out there regarding registering to become an NDIS Provider. The process is difficult, but not impossible. As previously mentioned, the NDIS places great importance on Quality and Safe delivery of services to participants. So, they have set two types checks in place to ensure potential providers are up to an acceptable (high) standard.


The NDIS Scheme was initially an amalgam of each State’s disability services rules and funding with an amount kicked in by the Commonwealth to top up the kitty of funds available. The Commission and the Commissioner came into being to bring the disparate rules and regulations and approaches in each state into a cohesive and consistent program to provide the best service to persons with a disability. The Commissioner is a delegate of the Commonwealth Minister for Social Services.


If you are a registered health provider or an allied health provider and wish to provide services to members of the NDIS Participant community, you will most likely need to undergo a process of “certification”. Or, if you are providing services which are not considered traditionally health related but are necessary to the health and wellbeing of a participant, you will need to undergo a process known as “verification”.


The process of Certification and Verification are audit processes and are set in place under Commonwealth Law. However, don’t let that put you off if you are thinking of becoming a provider of services to the sector.


According to “National Disability Insurance Scheme (Provider Registration and Practice Standards) Rules 2018”, there are 37 different categories of service which can be provided, 14 requiring certification and 23 requiring verification. (This publication can be found on the NDIS Commissioner’s site under publications).
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