Article by Emma Gosper, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

The importance of A Professionally Designed Business Logo


So many elements comprise the start-up phase of a small business. From the research phase, to the registration phase, right through to the branding phase and ongoing operation of your business.

Obviously, so are start-up costs. One element which is commonly overlooked is a budget allocation for adequate branding. During the start-up phase, we see so many new entrepreneurs ‘cut costs’ in brand development and follow a path which results in them designing their own logo or brand for their business.

Whilst this is a common ‘cost effective’ solution, it is not always an ‘effective’ solution. There are some very important aspects to designing a logo which should be considered when you’re starting your new business.


Format & Scalability

Incompatible formats for online, print and signage, meaning that the file is not compatible and scalable, and has incorrect colours for web and print. If you don’t have the correct tools to design your logo (creativity, elements, software etc), you will more likely than not struggle to scale your images and adapt them to various types of media. Before long, you will need to have your logo recreated professionally, which results in losing time, money and resources to do so.


It’s not just a ‘simple’ logo

Where a logo might look super simple to an untrained eye, designers put a lot of thought into each element such as colours, fonts, font sizing and more to contribute to your brand.

A graphic designer knows the feeling that different colours give to an audience. If you’re targeting toward a specific group of people, there might be a colour that they’ll associate with. Colours create trust, as does a professional looking logo design.



When potential customers are browsing online either on websites or social media platforms, a ‘DIY’ logo appears as a sign of a novice business. They stand out – and not in a good way.

From here, your other branding and marketing material can be created based on your logo design.