At the Western Sydney Business Centre, we have the honour of assisting small businesses with our Federal Government assisted digital program. We started working with Melissa from Bangoon Baby in April this year. Melissa runs an ecommerce store for new mums and mums to be called Bangoon baby. Bangoon Baby specialises in Baby Carriers as well as offering an array of other products to assist with raising very young children. This busy mum of three is a baby wearing consultant who can help any mum struggling with products will suit her family best. 

Who is your advisor?

Western Sydney Business Centre advisors: Michelle Locke and Jane Tweedy
ASBAS digital business advisors: Nathan Todd and Katina Beveridge

How long have you been receiving business advice from the WSBC?

Approximately 7 months

What was the main struggle you identified within your business?

Firstly admitting that I needed help! Secondly was implementing a strategy to increase traffic to my ecommerce store.

What were things you implemented that had a big impact on your business moving forward?

After attending an SEO workshop and having a session with Katina I implemented an SEO strategy which has not only increased traffic to my website but also increased my sales substantially! I have noticed a huge increase in sales coming from google referrals in comparison to social media which has been an absolute game changer.

What advice would you give to other small businesses in the same situation?

What have you got to lose? Having an external stakeholder evaluate your business gives you the insight you need to grow. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What are your business goals for the future?

To continue to grow my product range and give other small businesses a platform to get their products out there.

Final words:

A goal without a plan is just a wish. If you really want to move forward and grow your business meeting with a business advisor can really help put a plan in place to make that happen.