Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

Traditionally, this time of year is when we all wind down, take holidays to spend with our families and travel all over the place in a headlong rush to be somewhere Santa Claus can easily find us.

This year we are entering into what can only be described as the ridiculously stupid silly season as a result of the COVID19 whatever impact. State borders are in a constant state of flux depending upon the latest information, making it difficult to plan.

Nowadays it is hard enough for the average person to try to organize their lives each day let alone plan more than a few days ahead. For businesses it is much worse.  As a result of the virus, businesses are in disarray to put it mildly. Supplies are erratic, employment of staff has had to be suspended and customers want sometimes scarce goods and services. And let’s not mention the mask wearing rules!

So, what about Christmas 2021?!  Do you close the doors (or not open them just yet) and go on holidays to your back yard or down the coast or do you stay open and see how you go?  If either of these options is what you normally do then do it, its part of getting back to normality. But, because things are going to be a bit quiet, spend the time looking at your business, how you market it and the way you organize your finances. You can catch your fiscal breath and see if things need to be changed and/or streamlined?

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