Article written by Bob Green, NDIS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

This week I would like to revisit a topic which affects both existing and potential NDIS Providers from time to time.

As at the last NDIS Report (December 2019), active provider numbers in NSW now stand at a little over 6700, a very large drop from the previously reported 9100 ‘approved’ providers noted in June 2019.  Part of the reason for this is that participants are choosing to have their plans managed by parties other than the NDIS, known as Plan Managed or manage the plans themselves, known as self-managed. 

However, there is a vast number of (Agency managed) participants who are still in need of providers who are accredited by the NDIS Commission to provide quality care.

The NSW government has put in place a scheme of assistance to potential providers which allows them access to up to 34 hours free assistance from a Business Connect advisor experienced in assisting with developing the necessary Policies and Procedures, management processes and business systems so that they can have a viable business to provide essential services to persons with a disability.

The audit process has evolved and focuses more on P&P’s which are demonstrably more specific to the applicant’s business; the price you pay for “cookie cutter” P&P’s may not by be value. So, be patient and work with your local Business Connect NDIS specialist to set up the required documentation, practices and processes which will set your business on the right road.

Otherwise make sure the organization selling the P&P’s is reputable, provides editable documents you can edit and have a guarantee to assist with modifying their P&P’s if they are not suitable for your business.

Either way, for help with your NDIS P&P’s, call Bob Green at Western Sydney Business Centre or on 0490 251 615 or email