Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

In my last article I wrote about the future working in a bug-controlled environment. It looks like this will be a fact of life for some time to come, so we need to strategize what our businesses are going to evolve into in this sort of environment.

June 30th is the end of the financial year, and our balance sheets and profit and loss statements are going to look a little pathetic. July 1st is the start of the new financial year and still we are looking at a largely unknown trading environment.

The near future is a future influenced by government decisions, the health status of our community and the disposable incomes our potential customers/clients have on hand to spend on goods and services. So how do we cope with this new environment?

I went for a little trip up to the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens via Bilpin over the weekend.  The Bilpin Community was devastated by bush fires earlier this year, and now the pandemic.  They rely heavily on tourism as well their apple’s.  I was amazed to see their resilience; rebuilding going ahead “ready for the end of this stupidity” I was told be one business owner.  You could feel the determination and hope in the air. They have decided to forge ahead and be ready.

You can restart by using services available to you: –

  1. Use the expertise of our business advisors who have been chosen for their innovative thinking and their experience with managing change, free to you and also:-
  2. Hook into the many things both the NSW State and Commonwealth governments have put in place to help small business cope with this enormous event.

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