Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

Start of another month and nothing has changed from 2020!  So the doomsayers are moaning. But we are made of better stuff, the typical entrepreneur can dream dreams that are unbeatable, all we have to do is to work out how to bring the dreams to reality.

These covid times are requiring more of this type of person to dream a different dream(s).  I once worked with a person like this. It was like working with a bucket of ping pong balls! Once you had one back in the bucket another one would pop out somewhere else. But that is why he invited me to be part of his dream. He knew I was built for stability in high winds (in more than one sense of the word) but he also knew I knew the value of his dream and how to build the practical frame work which became an enabling ladder for his dreams and their practical out working. We soon built a viable booming business which attracted a lot of interest.

If this is you, the bucket of ping pong balls, and you are frustrated with trying to work out the how’s, the why’s and the whereto’s, then you really should be talking with one of our advisers.  There are a number of us with varying levels and types of business experience, but we are here to help you bring it together, work out the logistics, the practicalities, the economics and the legalities of your dream.

If you need help doing this, go to the Business Connect website, look at the Western Sydney Business Centre advisor bios and book a call back from one of them or call Western Sydney Business Centre direct on 02 4721 5011. I can also help prospective NDIS providers, Bob Green.