Article written by Nathan Todd, ASBAS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

It is important to remember that smart, successful employers hire people with the right skills to get things done. Developing and treating your people the right way is so important for a business. Here are some tips:

Assess performance and adjust. You must assess performance and make any necessary changes and I am not just talking about annual performance evaluations. A formal process may occur once a year, but effective management requires assessing performance much more frequently.

Reward achievement. Rewarding employees for their productivity, even those who are not necessarily the usual standouts, helps cultivate a sense that improvement and hard work is worthwhile. Most importantly, don’t let productivity and improvements among staff go unnoticed and they will continue to improve and be more efficient.

Manage your expectations. Perhaps your employees aren’t the problem, maybe it’s you! It is important for any employer to lay out specific expectations and benchmarks ahead of the game. Sitting down and drawing up a plan of action and expectations is very useful to make sure that both you and your employees stay on track.

Provide a challenging environment. If you were an employee, you would not want to be in an unchallenging and repetitive environment, and your employees don’t like it either. Ensure that you provide a challenging and dynamic work environment that fosters creativity and excitement. 

Lead by example. One of the greatest motivators for an employee is seeing a manager or supervisor who works harder than anyone else in the business. Leading by example is an underestimated motivator that can foster a productive work ethic and produce some great results.

Don’t be afraid to let an employee go. While it is never the intention of an employer to hire someone who doesn’t work out, sometimes cutting an employee loose in order to maintain workplace harmony, or for a simple lack of ability, is a necessary part of running a business. In some cases, the longer you wait, the more damage that will be done.