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Disruption, Tourism, Food and Beverage and Marketing Small Business Solutions Advisor


Work Mobile:
0415 676 238

Main Area’s covered:
Parramatta and surrounding, Hills, Hawkesbury, Fairfield, but all LGA’s with Zoom.

What is your role at WSBC & how long have you been with us?
COVID Business Solutions Advisor
1 June 2020.

What qualifications and business experience do you have?

Viktoria has over three decades of experience as a small business owner and contractor, having worked on marketing and critical thinking skills with SMEs in the food and beverage services, tourism, hospitality, culinary tourism and events space.

Her specialty is helping organisations to harness products, services, experiences and trends – translating them into profits. She does this by helping them amplify their passions, skills and stories through events and activities that excite existing and entice new customers

She has a keen eye for current and future trends in entrepreneurship, marketing, tourism and gastronomy, blending a marketer’s mind with an entrepreneur’s spirit.

Her webinar topics centre on: mindset, critical and innovative thinking skills; researching and testing your business ideas; creating emotional connections with sizzle; essential communication channels, brand-building and retention activities; and Street Smart PR and digital marketing.

Viktoria advises businesses affected by disruption: COVID, natural disasters, competition, new technologies, infrastructure or globalisation. She is a member of the Civic Square and Powerhouse Parramatta Community Reference Groups. She founded the Hawkesbury Artists and Artisans Trail, Hawkesbury Antiques Trail and co-founded of the ILoveWindsor campaign/website.

Viktoria is an Accredited Mental Health First Aider and also holds BEC Australia Advisor Accreditation.

What is the best part/your favourite thing about your role? People, people, people!!
Helping passionate small business owners who understand that running their own business while all-consuming, is also a privilege and to treat it as such. Being able to share my knowledge and experience to help small business owners think critically about the what, where, why and how of what they are doing. To help them solve problems and get their ‘end game’ vision in play.

What do you find most rewarding when helping small businesses? When a small business owner learns to eat, sleep and drink the marketing of their business every day, treating it as equally important as day-to-day operations.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

What is the best piece of advice you can give a potential or existing business owner?

Think critically about every what, where, why and how of anything you plan to do from a customer-centric perspective. Nothing else matters. ‘Data’ is king and ‘content’ is queen.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?
Visiting artisanal food and drink places anywhere in the world, speciality grocers, farm gates, tasting new foods, learning about food trends, spending time with my grandsons, cooking, food shopping.