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Business Connect Events
Customers receiving support will typically access up to 8 hours of support per financial year, including business advice sessions and events. Hours are capped over the lifetime of the program (2022-2025).

Customers are limited to a maximum of 36 hours of support in total over the lifetime of the program.All types of support from any Service Provider that are recorded in the Business Connect Reporting System are included in the 36-hour total (i.e., advice and events).

Sales 101 – Selling Through Curiosity

Via Zoom Webinar

Do you wish that sales would come more naturally to you? In this webinar you will learn how to increase your sales conversion by understanding what actually motivates your prospects […]

Setting up an online business

Via Zoom Webinar

Free to attend The retail landscape has changed markedly in the last decade, and the rise of sites like Amazon Australia continue to change the ecommerce space. This two hour […]

LinkedIn – The new Facebook for Business

Via Zoom Webinar

Free to attend Does your business sell predominately to a business to business market? Do you believe your customers are not on Facebook? With Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn in 2016, we […]

Running an ecommerce business

Via Zoom Webinar

Free to attend In this webinar, we will discuss the many areas of your ecommerce store. With the likes of the major players in ecommerce such as Amazon in Australia, […]

Creating a YouTube Video & Channel

Via Zoom Webinar

So you've got the message - shoot video! But, what do you do with all these videos? Google owns YouTube and is in direct competition with Facebook and Vimeo. Hence […]

Google AdWords

Via Zoom Webinar

Free to attend Are you looking for a reliable lead generation source? Then look no further than google, the world’s largest search engine. Discover whether your business is suitable for […]

How to start a business – Western Sydney

Via Zoom Webinar

Free to attend This webinar will get you well on your way to starting your business. You will learn everything you need to know • Business registration • Legal requirements […]

TikTok 101

Via Zoom Webinar

Free to attend Webinar Overview Confused by what TikTok is? After this session, you won't be, and you'll realise it's so much more than an app for weird dances. You'll […]

Digital marketing masterclass

Venue- Western Sydney Business Centre Suite 1, Level 1, 111 Henry Street, Penrith

Free to attend Do you currently use social media for your business? Are you ready to refine your skills on the social media platforms to get better results? digital marketing […]

Launching & optimising profitable Facebook Ad campaigns

Via Zoom Webinar

Free to attend Webinar Overview Establish your client persona / avatar Choosing the best Ad objectives Creating your FB audiences Validating audiences, creative and offers. Presenter: Simon Gould Simon Gould […]

Business Planning Essentials

Via Zoom Webinar

In this business planning essentials webinar, you’ll learn how to plan your next 12 months by building a short actionable business plan to drive your business forward in 2022. As […]