Code of Practice

Education Standards: Policies, strategies and management practices adopted by PBACL will ensure that high professional standards are maintained in all aspects of marketing, delivery and evaluation of education, training advisory services, and that highest priority is given to the interest and welfare of all its clients. . Course curricula and syllabi are strictly in accordance with accredited courses. Instruction and participant performance will be monitored to ensure that competencies are achieved efficiently and effectively. Adequate facilities and equipment will be provided and maintained at a high standard.

Marketing: All trainees will be selected from respondents to advertisements published in local papers and other public media. Every effort will be made to ensure that applicants are fully informed prior to their lodging an application form.

Trainee Information: On the first day of the commencement of a training course, each participant will be given :

– Copy of this Code of Practice

– Details of competencies to be achieved

– Explanation of assessment procedures

– A Course Program

– Access to copies of relevant text books

– Note-taking material

– Process for Recognition of Prior Learning

– Grievance/Appeal Procedure

– Workplace Health and Safety Policy

– E.E.O Policy and Affirmative Action Policy

– Workplace Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedures

Recruitement: All applicants will be considered equally, and acceptance or rejection determined by a panel consisting of appropriately qualified members internal and external to PBACL. Criteria for acceptance or rejection will be primarily the panel’s consideration of the demonstrated ability of the applicant to achieve the required competency levels and outcome of the course. All relevant equal opportunity requirements will be observed by the selection panel.

Trainee Grievances/Appeals: Every trainee may at any time express a grievance to the Executive Officer of PBACL. In the event that the trainee is not satisfied with he process or outcome of heir grievance, they may appeal to a nominated DEEWR Representative. The outcome of this appeal will binding on both the trainee and PBACL.

Computer Software: A ll computer software used by PBACL is legally obtained, and is used under the conditions of a current licence agreement. Trainees are prohibited from bringing copies of software for use on PBACL computers.

Guarantee: PBACL understands that it is bound by this code of practice, and if it does not meet any of these obligations it may have its registration as a Training Provider withdrawn.

Trainee Support Procedure: You will be provided with a business mentor when accepted into the Scheme and the Advisory Centre will access to provide any advisory backup service required during the period of your Contract under the Scheme and for the duration of your business operation. Should a trainee require personal support services (eg. counseling, stress management etc) the Advisory Centre can provide a referral to an appropriate professional counsellor.

Certification: On successful completion of the Course, participants will be issued with a certificate and a separate statement of competency levels. If a participant does not successfully complete the course, or does not attend a minimum of 80% of class sessions, a certificate will not be issued. A detailed course timetable is provided, showing the times required for attendance.