Article by Emma Gosper, Digital Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre


The key to maintaining an effective social media presence and getting new leads is your follower base. The main thing we want to focus on when increasing our followers is ensuring they are real customers, either current or potential.

This ensures that our organic, unpaid posts are getting to the followers who we want to see it. We don’t want to waste our organic reach on people who will never utilise our services, live overseas or are completely out of your target market. Therefore, it is not practical to invite every single personal friend on your Facebook page or buy followers from third party vendors who instantly give you 5,000 followers for $50. By having fake followers on your page, you are wasting your organic reach on people who aren’t real customers and therefore the only way to reach your actual customers is by paid advertising.

To get effective followers:

Ask your customers to follow you

The simplest way to get real followers is to put your socials out there to your current customer base. Add social images with links to your email signature to all of your marketing collateral to let your current customers know you’re there. Ask your customers to follow you – You’ll find the majority of them will want to keep up to date with your business and it’s the simplest and quickest way for them to do so.

Encourage your customers to post on their socials

If a client is happy with the service you provide, chances are they will be happy to share their positive experience with their friends. Ask them to post a photo on their personal socials and tag you in their posts. You’ll be appearing right in front of all their friends and followers – which in turn become potential followers and customers.

After your client has posted their photo, repost it on your socials. It’s easy content for your page and shows all of your followers that other people are both loving your business and posting about it, so it encourages others to do it too.

We will cover more follower building tips next week.