This is the big question that often comes up, especially as we kick off a new year – you know, the whole goal setting and vision board drill. Some folks have a clear vision, and answering these questions is a breeze. But for others, it can feel like diving into a sea of options and drowning in the information overload.

In a world where choices seem endless, let’s flip the script a bit. How about asking yourself, “What don’t you want for your business?” When you’re not entirely sure where you’re headed, knowing what you want to avoid can act like a North Star or a measuring stick. It’s a way to make sure every decision you make aligns with steering clear of what you don’t want.

Let’s break it down. If you’re sick of pouring money into your business without seeing anything in return, then it’s time to dig into your pricing, keep a tight grip on your money flow, and maybe brush up on your marketing know-how. Once you’ve got your to-do list, don’t overwhelm yourself. Pick the top three things that need your attention ASAP and are most relevant to your business this year. We’ve all been there – a never-ending list of tasks, trying to do it all and then wondering why it feels like nothing’s getting done. Been there, done that.

At the start of this year, I drew a triangle. The tip is for my faith, the left side is for my family, the right side is for my business, and smack in the middle is me. I jotted down one thing to focus on for each of these areas this year. Remember, it’s not about doing everything. It’s about figuring out the top three things that matter most this year and rocking them. Keep it simple, keep it focused, and make this year count.