Ever feel bogged down by daily tasks, leaving no time to focus on the bigger picture? You’re not alone. Many Penrith business owners struggle to step back and strategize. But there’s a solution. The Western Sydney Business Centre offers a FREE Business Health Check through the Service NSW Business Bureau – Business Connect program. This simple tool will help you work on your business, not just in it. Think of it as a checkup for your business.


This quick questionnaire prompts you to consider essential areas like:

. Is your vision clear? Do you have a written plan outlining your goals? A clear vision acts as your roadmap, guiding decisions and keeping you focused. A written plan breaks down your vision into actionable steps, ensuring you reach your goals.

. Who are your competitors? Why do customers choose you? Understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses helps you develop a unique selling proposition (USP) – the reason customers choose you over them.

. Profitability a mystery? The Health Check can help you understand your finances better. Knowing where your money comes from and what your profit margins are is crucial for making informed decisions about your business.

. Staff equipped for success? Are their roles clearly defined, and are there procedures in place? Clear roles and procedures ensure your staff understands their responsibilities and can operate efficiently. This translates to better customer service and a more productive workplace.

. Future-proofed? The Check helps identify potential challenges and opportunities. Anticipating future trends and potential roadblocks allows you to adapt and seize opportunities before your competitors.


Your Business Connect advisor can then advise you on how to fill any gaps the Business Health identifies to help you start, run, grow and adapt your business.

Don’t let daily tasks hold you back! Take charge with a FREE Business Health Check. We are holding Health Check sessions in various locations across Western Sydney. Visit the Western Sydney Business Centre website to find a location near you and book your FREE Business Health Check today! Focus on what truly matters – growing your business!