Article written by Nathan Todd, ASBAS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

As we are (hopefully) drawing near the end of Covid19 restrictions, it is time for business owners to change their way of thinking when it comes to marketing. A lot of businesses (especially retail) had to adapt to the forced restrictions and change their marketing strategy to strictly online sales. For many it was a time of survival, but now it’s a time to thrive.

The most positive thing to come out of this pandemic was to see business owners adapt to the conditions and take their business to a whole new level. For some, selling online would have never crossed their mind, and now it’s their core marketing strategy moving forward. But now as your business starts to re-open it’s doors, it is important to start getting foot traffic back into your store.

Do not make the mistake now of opening your doors and expecting business to come flying in, use social media to push the re-opening and the fact that you are ‘Covid Safe’. There needs to be a mixture of both organic posts and paid advertising. Your organic posts will be going out to people that already like your page, have an interest in your product, or may be a past customer. Market to these people!

If you are struggling for post ideas, here a some to put you on your way:

  • Product based posts- This is posting about one of your products, it may even help to do a ‘Product in Focus’ every week. Talk more about your products, give potential customers a reason for buying. If there are health benefits to your product, list them.
  • Product feedback- You could run a poll over Facebook and Instagram about what people would like to see more of. Use polls to find out information about what they have interest in the most in regard to your brand. Do they like buying online or in store? Which product do they like more?
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads- Running an ad campaign could be very beneficial during this time. Pushing the re-opening of your store or looking for more online sales. Define your target audience when you run the ad!

If you need any assistance with a post-Covid social media strategy please get in touch because we would love to help!