Article by Nathan Todd, ASBAS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

The challenge for a lot of businesses is the ability to create great content on social media on a regular basis. This may be due to a lack of time and resources, but the truth is there are many ways to create great content, you may just be overthinking it.

Linking to Your Website

This is very simple, yet very affective. Have you created a great website but it’s not getting many views? A great strategy for you would be to use Facebook to increase your number of website hits.  A bit of advice I can give you is to not flood your socials with copious amounts of information, keep it brief and link your website for them to learn more. An example for a design company could be ‘Did you know we can also create and design business cards? Click the link below to find out more’. Also, if you do blogs on your website it’s also great to link them to your socials.

Question posts

These posts are a great way of receiving interactions but also finding out information for your business. What you are trying to do is get your audience to ‘like, ‘share’ and ‘comment’ on your posts. For a gym an example could be “What is your favourite time to work out?”. This will get people commenting but could also be a great way of finding out when to schedule in a class.


Have you received some great reviews, but you aren’t sure what to do with them?  These are what help bring trust and loyalty to your business. Throw them up on a branded image and share them on every single social media platform. It’s a content and brand win all round.

User Generated Content (UGC)

If you are having trouble creating content, why not let your clients do it for you? This can be as simple as encouraging people to take photos or videos using your product and tagging your business on their socials. You could even reward them with a discount code for their next purchase. All you need to do now is ‘share’ them to your social media platforms.