Article by Nathan Todd, Digital Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre


Ad Campaigns


Are you having trouble gaining leads through advertising on social media? There is no denying the benefits of Facebook/Instagram advertising, but many businesses struggle to find ways to attract people through their ad campaigns. But the problem may only be the smallest adjustment to your ad. I have compiled a list of a few tips to help you on your way to a great campaign.


Eye Catching Visuals

You have less than 3 seconds to attract someone scrolling through social media to your ad campaign, you must take advantage of this time with some creative content. Facebook and especially Instagram have become very visual, if your ad doesn’t have an image/video that is going to potentially draw eyes or attract attention, you may be wasting your time. By using tools such as Canva, it can help you create a great image. Limit the text on your images and make it very prominent with appropriate colours.


Select the Correct Audience for your Ad

Have you analysed your target market or are having trouble doing so? First step should be understanding your page’s insights, this will help you gather information on who your ads are appealing to the most. You must keep yourself updated on this and study it, if this is not done correctly you could be throwing money down the drain targeting the wrong crowd.


Have an Offer

You must have a reason for someone to click on or engage with your ad. If you have a one-time offering for all your Facebook/Instagram followers that would be a great start. If you are selling products on your website, make sure to link your ad campaign back to your website with a special code for them to use at the checkout so you can track where your sales are coming from. This will help you identify whether your campaign was successful.

An important point to remember is to keep your ads brief and eye catching- get creative! Don’t waste money with a campaign that you aren’t proud of!