The Western Sydney Business Centre like a lot of businesses, was ready to welcome in the New Financial Year with a fresh approach to doing business. With free advice and training on a range of business needs to Start, Run, Adapt and Grow local business. Then the rain returned, and we are all back in natural disaster recovery mode with many local families and businesses once again faced with a massive clean up and rebuild operation.

Business Connect and Digital Business Solutions is here to help your business with the recovery process once the flood waters subside and things start to dry out. While your business may not have been directly impacted by the floods, many of your supplies, partners and customers have flood damage that will see a roll-on effect.

Our flood recovery focus includes help when seeking financial support and assistance for business from both federal and state government. As well as other organisations and agencies. We can also help you review your business plans and develop long term, sustainability strategies. Through Business Connect we can also help businesses re-examine their products and service offering as well as how to manage supply chains and maintain cash flow.

The Digital Business Solutions program can help you with optimising your e-commerce site and your digital marketing strategies. As well as offering advice on how to communicate with your customers to maintain visibility, credibility and authority during the current crisis using the latest tools across a variety of online platforms.

This FREE assistance comes in the form of tailored one on one meetings with our team of experienced and dedicated advisors, either online or in person. Or choose from a large number of free webinar and workshops that we have coming up to help rebuild, recharge, and renew.

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