Article written by Bob Green, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

Things are looking better on the COVID19 front, but we still need to look at our businesses through the lens of staying safe.

Which brings me to another thought, particularly relevant to me, but just as relevant to all businesses which have developed intellectual property.  There is an old saying “physician heal thyself” meaning apply to yourself the same advice you give to others.

I have spent 100’s of hours developing NDIS documents to help small businesses register as NDIS Providers without the stress of writing them themselves.  These were offered as a free service as part of the Business Connect service we provide.

The forms and documents have to be properly tailored to the business taking into account the services they want to provide etc.

Just recently I was contacted by a few persons whom I had not advised and given the documents to, asking for help with my documents because they have questions from the auditors they can’t answer!  One of my now former clients had handed out my documents to others and charged them large sums for a second-rate service.

I have now been forced to hard code the clients names into the documents and password protect them, so they are no use to anyone but the intended recipient.

Lesson learnt.  In this environment of both domestic and international thieves, the best advice I can give is for you to take steps to protect your intellectual property. It is easily devalued by these unscrupulous people.

If you need help doing this, go to the Business Connect website, look at the Western Sydney Business Centre advisor bios and book a call back from one of them or call Western Sydney Business Centre direct on 02 4721 5011. I can also help prospective NDIS providers, Bob Green.