Summer is here which means it’s time to get the out the swimmers, fire up the BBQ and return to the great outdoors. A return to Summer also means there is the ever-pressing threat of extreme weather conditions which for us in Western Sydney means bushfires, storms, flooding and whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at us.

While you look at Bush Fire Survival Plan or Flood Evacuation Plan for your family and home, have you thought about your business? Do you have a natural disaster contingency plan for your business?

Creating a natural disaster contingency plan for businesses is crucial for ensuring the continuity and resilience of your business. When looking at creating a plan for your business, there are three key areas: preparation, emergency action, and recovery.

In the preparation phase, you should focus on identifying all the key aspects of your business that are essential to it being able to continue to operate. These include key products and services, your current customers, insurance policies, and property security. You should also develop strategies for maintaining business operations, including temporary office accommodation, staff training, and data backup procedures.

Next, in your emergency action plan. You should create a list all essential contacts, including local emergency services and your own emergency procedures. Make sure that your staff are all well-informed about evacuation plans, including meeting points and check-in procedures. Delegate emergency team roles and responsibilities for effective communication and response.

In the recovery plan, conduct a business impact assessment, detailing any damage to the business and assigning responsibilities for recovery tasks. Identify key contacts for support and track your insurance claims closely. Be adaptive for changes in the market and develop a tailored marketing strategy to communicate your business’s recovery efforts to your customers.

To get your natural disaster contingency plan started, the Small Business Commission has a Business Continuity Planning and a Get Back to Business Planning tool now available.  These free tools will guide you through all these steps and help you know your risks. Plan for what you will do and get your business ready. Plus, it will connect you to reliable information when you need it.

Visit the Small Business Commission website or talk to your local Business Connect advisor.