Article written by Hannah Stack, Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

So we are back to business, kids back at school, summer holidays well and truly a blur, now is the time to start working towards those 2023 business goals. February – the month of LOVE, is the perfect reminder your marketing may need that extra bit of LOVE to kick start your year.

A great way to LOVE up you’re marketing this Valentine’s Day is going back to the basics, here are some helpful tips.

1. Marketing Persona/ Customer Avatar

having an ‘ideal’ customer mapped out on paper and in detail (not just in your head), is important for small business owners. The fast-paced environment, constant noise, mixed opinions and rising communication platforms has created a challenging landscape for business owners to navigate – FOMO kicks in. Having a clear understanding of who your customer is, which platforms they frequent, and what are the messages which will attract them, will be your guiding light in a sea of rapid change. However, in saying that as consumer behavior is constantly changing, going back and reflecting on your persona is a good idea ~ customer’s change and so does your business! Give your marketing persona some extra LOVE this valentine’s day by either writing down your persona on paper or reviewing your existing. If you’re not sure an Advisor from WS Business will be able to help!

2. Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn, being consistent on these platforms is key. Posting a Happy New Year or Merry Christmas and then leaving it for a few months because let’s face it, social media gets put to the bottom of a growing list – is not a good look. Having a consistent post 1x a week when business does get busy is important (scheduling is a great way to keep on top of this). It is important your social media content is linked back with your marketing persona and your marketing strategy.

3. Email Marketing

Another platform where small business owners can be very consistent or sporadic. Email marketing is still an effective tool which can be used to further qualify leads – turning prospects from a MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to a SQL (Sales Qualified Lead). Whichever way you are using your email marketing, why spread the LOVE this Valentine’s Day by sending your customer’s an email, which just shows your LOVE to them and their business.

Email Marketing

4. Google My Business

Does your Google My Business need some LOVE? Have you completed your profile, is your opening and closing time up to date? Have you utilized posts on this platform? Google My Business is a FREE and essential tool for any small business owner. If you do not have one of these setup, I strongly recommend you do contact Western Sydney Business Centre if you need help with this.

So Happy V Day Small Business Owners, don’t forget to share the LOVE with each other and your marketing.